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Coughing fits can start anytime and anywhere, and when you simply can’t stop it, you know you have a coughing fit and the only thing you can think of is “how to stop coughing fits”? It can happen in the theatre or cinema, during the date you have been so long waiting for, at an important meeting, when you are to make a speech, etc. It can happen in a public place or at home, in the daytime or at night, you never know when you start feeling this tickle in your throat and can’t stop coughing for several minutes, feeling you are short of air and can’t breathe. To understand how to stop coughing fits effectively we must, first of all, learn what can cause it.

What Can Cause a Coughing Fit?

If your cough is uncontrollable, persistent, unpleasant, if not painful, and lasts for more than 5 minutes, you know this is a coughing fit. Normally, cough is a natural way to clear the airways. It can be caused by different irritants, like dust or chemicals; or even too dry air. Consequently, if an irritant is the matter, it is very easy to answer the question “how to stop coughing fits?” and you can do it even at home using a home remedy.
Though, in some cases cough can be a symptom of a disease, starting with such minor ones like a cold or post-nasal drip, and finishing with something as dreadful as lung cancer. So, as cough itself is not a disease, it is necessary to find out what it is caused by in order to use the best and quickest way of how to stop a coughing fit.

Here is the list of what can cause a coughing fit


- Common Cold
- Postnasal Drip
- Bronchitis
- Different infections
- Pneumonia
- Acute Sinusitis
- Asthma
- Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease
- Heart disorders
- Lung Cancer
- Different Allergens (pollen, dust, chemicals)
- Cigarette smoke
- Dry air

5 Useful Tips on How to Stop Coughing Fits

If you know the cause of your severe coughing, it will be easy to learn how to stop coughing fits using these simple tips (no need to worry if you don’t, they will help as well).1. Very often such cough is caused by dry air that comes through the windpipe, so sitting in a warm and stuffy room is not a wise thing to do. The perfect way out in such case is a humidifier; if you have none, a hot bath, as well as a steamy shower will just perfectly do.

2. Another way to help moisture the throat and make the hard phlegm thin is to drink plenty of water during the day. Of course, it is better to hydrate your throat with warm or lukewarm drinks, like water with lemon, herbal tea with honey, etc.

3. Many people, when asked how to stop coughing fits, will answer with a smile and offer you a candy. Actually, sucking a candy really works, it just shouldn’t be too sweet, so you’d better choose peppermint candies or special medicated lozenges.

4. There also exist numerous natural home remedies that can help to stop or even prevent severe coughing fits. They are usually very easy to make and demand such common ingredients as lemon, honey, different herbs and spices. You can choose a recipe to your taste and stop worrying on how to stop coughing fits at home.

5. You can also try a special breathing technique that can help you not only to get rid of annoying cough, but, if done regularly, will make you healthier and stronger.

This list, of course, is not complete as it doesn’t include medications like syrups or tablets, but it is rather silly to take medicine without consulting a doctor. So, if your coughing fits don’t stop after a few days, or they are accompanied with chest pain, dizziness, vomiting or fever, you should go and see your doctor at once. Be sure, he knows better than you how to stop coughing fits using modern ways of relief from cough.